Correct installation of your baby seat or booster to ensure
absolute safety for your family.



Expert advice and consultation

Our baby and booster seat technicians are fully trained and certified and VIA holds a professional-level membership with the Australian Child Restraint Research Initiative (ACRI).

Baby Seat Installations are consultative, meaning that every step of the installation process is explained. Our technicians empower you to take control of your families’ safety.

The right tools for the job

During installation you will learn best-practice installation techniques, and be provided with industry-specialised tools and products to ensure your restraint is working as it was designed.


Convenience, simplicity and transparency

Installations usually only take up to 20 minutes, and you’re welcome to enjoy a complimentary coffee on arrival.

VIA staff members are trained and experienced vehicle experts. The installation process will be fully transparent, and any faults found will be thoroughly explained so you can understand how any problems might affect your child’s safety.