A comprehensive inspection ensuring all mechanical,
structural and safety defects
are uncovered prior to buying
or selling a vehicle.

Motorcycle Scooter
(coming soon) 

Car Van Ute SUV


If there’s a problem, VIA will find it!

Saving you potentially thousands of dollars in repairs by uncovering hidden safety, mechanical or structural problems.

A thorough pre-purchase inspection of every inch of the vehicle; from cup-holders to coolant system and everything in-between!

View a sample pre-purchase inspection report here.

Inspections are all we do, no repairs!

Because VIA only inspects your vehicle, you can be confident no “extra” repairs will be required.

VIA specialises in pre-purchase inspections. Our inspection facility is designed for efficiency, so no long waits or delays.

Convenience, simplicity and transparency

Inspections usually only take up to 120 minutes, so sit back and relax with a complimentary coffee in our customer lounge.

VIA staff members are trained and experienced vehicle experts. The inspection process will be fully transparent, and any faults found will be thoroughly explained in plain language so that you can make an informed decision about the vehicle.



To qualify for the $1 roadworthy deal, a pre-purchase inspection and roadworthy inspection need to be booked together for the same vehicle at the same inspection time. $1 roadworthy inspection is not transferable to another vehicle or customer. Limit of one (1) $1 roadworthy inspection deal per customer per day. Deal is not valid for business or commercial customers; private retail customers only. VIA reserves the right to withdraw the offer from customers deemed by VIA (at VIA’s sole discretion) to be taking unfair advantage or not using the deal for its original intended purpose.