Ensuring your vehicle is safe
for you and your family.


Motorcycles & Scooters

Cars, Vans, Utes & 4x4s


Regular Inspection

A highly recommended regular inspection to ensure smooth
day-to-day operation of major safety components of your vehicle.

When is it required? 

Over 5 yearsEvery 6 months and/or
prior to extended road-trips
(family holidays etc.)
Under 5 yearsEvery 12 months and/or
prior to extended road-trips
(family holidays etc.)

Going on holiday or driving long-distance? Get there safely!

A specially designed safety inspection to uncover any potential vehicle safety defects that could put you or your family at risk.

Driving long-distance on Australia’s roads is both fun and convenient; however driving hazards are always present. Reduce risk and ensure your vehicle is the safest on our roads.


If there’s a safety problem, VIA will find it!

Saving you from stress and concern VIA will uncover any hidden safety or structural problems.

A thorough inspection of every safety-related item on your vehicle; from ball-joints to batteries and everything in-between!

View a sample report here.

Inspections are all we do, no repairs!

Because VIA only inspects your vehicle, you can be confident no “extra” repairs will be required. VIA specialises in inspections. Our inspection facility is designed for efficiency, so no long waits or delays.

Convenience, simplicity and transparency

Inspections usually only take up to 30 minutes, so sit back and relax with a complimentary coffee in our customer lounge.

VIA staff members are trained and experienced vehicle experts. The inspection process will be fully transparent, and any faults found will be thoroughly explained so you can understand how any problems might affect your safety.