5 Ways to Spot a Good Quality Automotive Workshop

Vehicle Inspections Australia only performs roadworthy certificate inspections. If a vehicle requires work to be roadworthy, customers are able to choose the mechanic to do the repairs. This means that our customers are absolutely confident that our roadworthy certificate inspections are 100% unbiased and independent.

A common question we are asked at Vehicle Inspections Australia is how does one find a good mechanic?

The following list will help you identify good mechanics in your area:

1.       A clean uncluttered workshop – This seems obvious at first, but it is paramount in identifying good mechanics. Is the workshop floor free of fluid spills and old car parts? Are tools and machinery kept ordered and tidy? Is the reception area welcoming and comfortable? Are staff members presentable and polite?

2.       Certified mechanics – Does the workshop display trade qualifications and industry certificates? Are you sure that the person working on your vehicle is qualified to do so?

3.       Explanations – A good mechanic will understand that the majority of customers have limited knowledge of motor mechanics. The question is, are they able to clearly and simply explain what is wrong with your vehicle and why it requires repairs?

4.       Quotation – Can the mechanic provide an accurate quote for the work required? A good mechanic will have likely done the same job for another customer, so will know exactly how long it will take and what parts and tools they will require. Try and avoid being a “guinea pig” for your mechanic!

5.       Trust your gut – get a funny feeling about the workshop? It’s best to trust your instincts and double-check by getting quotes from elsewhere before proceeding. Vehicle Inspections Australia recommends obtaining at least three quotes over the phone before making a decision on which mechanic to use.

We hope this list helps in some small way the next time you require work done on your vehicle either for general servicing or for roadworthy certificate repairs.