Preparing your car for a roadworthy inspection

When it comes time to get your vehicle inspected for roadworthiness, there are a few key things you can check yourself to insure it passes first time.

Vehicle Inspections Australia provides free re-inspections, however it can be much more convenient if you don’t have to return to the facility.

Follow these simple checks to make sure your roadworthy is issued on first inspection:

You may need an assistant to help with this. Check all lamps on your vehicle to insure they are operating and securely mounted. Check brake lamps (this is where the assistant can help), park lamps, headlamps, reverse lamps (these must be operating), indicators and other accessory lamps like fogs and driving/daytime lamps.

Spare wheel
The spare wheel does not need to be in a roadworthy condition, however it does need to be securely mounted. All cars are designed with simple securing methods such as bolted clamps or tie-downs. This is something you can easily check yourself and will safe time.

Windscreen wipers and washers
Are the wiper blades clearing your windscreen effectively without leaving annoying streaks? Are your windscreen washers squirting onto the windscreen? A nice little trick to rejuvenate wiper blades (without having to replace them) is to get an old rag or cloth, spray some soapy water onto the blades and firmly wipe down the length of the blade. If you are doing it right, the rag should be quite dirty after each wipe. Test the wipers again and hopefully they will be much more effective!

Ornaments on dash boards
It’s fun to have small ornaments on the dash boards of our vehicles, but unfortunately if they are too large or distractive they can cause a hazard. If you have something stuck to your dash board or hanging from your rear vision mirror, it may be best to remove this prior to presenting your vehicle for a roadworthy inspection.

Vehicle Inspections Australia is committed to providing unbiased independent roadworthy certificate inspections. Vehicle Inspections Australia provides free roadworthy re-inspections. Prices start from just $79.