Problems with Roadworthy Inspections: Your Rights

If you believe that your vehicle was not roadworthy when you were given a roadworthy certificate, check first that the component in question is a roadworthy inspection item. You can get a copy of the roadworthiness requirements from any VicRoads office or download here.

If you believe the component in question is a roadworthiness item, contact the licensed vehicle tester who issued the certificate and explain your concerns. In many cases the problem will be resolved. The details of the licenced vehicle tester who issued the roadworthy certificate will be clearly written on the certificate.

If you have not resolved the issue with the issuing licensed vehicle tester you will need to obtain an independent inspection from another licensed vehicle tester (get another roadworthy inspection done) to support your claim. Present a copy of this inspection report to the original licensed vehicle tester.

If the second independent roadworthy inspection confirms your original concern and the original licenced vehicle tester will still not cooperate you will need to contact VicRoads.
VicRoads does not have the authority to insist the original licensed vehicle tester resolve the issue or provide compensation. This is a matter for civil action (VCAT).  

[information taken from VicRoads Fact Sheet: “Roadworthy Certificate” April 2011]